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  • Tweeter 3:28
    - 28 mm dome.
    - Build option with removable aluminum bottom plate.
    - Hex grid.
    - Resonance frequency: 1500 Hz
    - Use of 2300-21000 Hz
  • Bass / midrange element 3:16
    - Aluminum cone.
    - Inverted dust cap.
    - € Din Bin.
    - Wideband applications.
    - 40-5000 Hz
  • Crossover Series 3
    - Best quality Mundorf components.
    - Shortest signal path.
    - MKP capacitor foil.
    - Level reduction.
    - Epoxydharzplatine
  • Connect the outputs of the signal source (radio or amplifier) with 1(+) and 3(-). Make a cablelink from 1 to 6 for the seperate tweeterinput.Pay attention when thick cables are used, that no contact with other clamps exist.
  • Connect the 5.16 bass-midrange item with clamp 2(+) and 4 (-). To activate the 6 dB highpass please move the linkcable to the connector -left- of the 220 uF cap.This would change the phase to the sub and reduce subsonic. Also for -Trimode- very helpfull
  • Connect the tweeters with clamp 5 and 8. If the tweeter is too loud, please use the cable link around the pre-resistor to activate the damping. The right connector is 0dB, the one in the middle is -2dB and the left one -4 dB. Factoryset is 0dB. For a higher crossoverpoint use clamp
  • This is helpfull when the tweeters have to much energy. Please they exchange the polarity of the tweeter to determine which version a better result in.